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  • Name: APIL
  • Country: Burkina Faso
  • Year operations began: 1998
  • Legal status : Association
  • Sector: Alphabetization, support to small producers, honey-making, diary
  • Mission: APIL is an organization which aims at defending the farmers interests and their fight for food security through the capacity building of farmers organizations and actors of rural development
  • Initator : Group of citizens
  • Target group : organizations of producers
  • Employees: 54 people full-time and 200 part-time

APIL is a particular association of development, as the organizations of producers it supports are also members of the association. Strongly seeped in the collaboratives values of the social and solidarity economy, APIL leads and accompanies field-based organizations in defining their needs, in the discussions for the consolidation of these needs at the local level, and eventually in their validation in general assembly. APIL integrates two units of collection, transformation and marketing of its beneficiaries productions to these programs : a honey house and a dairy. These units have the distinctive feature of generating income and being profitable for APIL. 

The innovation of APIL resides in its ability to transform its members, the organizations of producers, into actors of their own development and of the life of the association. To manage this challenge, every member of a new organization of producers integrated in the program has to follow evening classes to learn how to read, write and to count. Only then, the organisations will be able to bring up quantified needs then integrated into the programming of activities.