• Country: Cameroon
  • Year operations began: 1989
  • Legal status : Association
  • Activities: gender promotion, sexual rights, follow-up and rehabilitative care covers, HIV related services, abortion services
  • Mission: Contibute, alongside with the Cameroonian Government, to insuring access to quality health services and reproductive sexual rights for the greatest number
  • Target group : poor, marginalized, socially stigmatized, exluded and under-served people
  • Initiator : a group of volunteers
  • Employees: 85
  • Reach : 5M of services offered in 2015 (x3 in a year)
  • Other : waiting to be recognized as of « general interest »

Major Cameroonian actor of family planning, access to reproduction health, and rehabilitative care covers for fragile minorities, CAMNAFAW benefited in 2015 of a World Fund funding which represents up to 75 % of its total budget. This project turns out to be both a source of opportunities (growth, stockholders' equity, computer systems, etc.) and a constraint for the future of the structure. As a consequence, CAMNAFAW launched an in-depth reflection on its capacity to generate income, and the organization now wishes that they will eventually be able to cover their costs. 

In 2015, CAMNAFAW supported 8 solidarity franchised health centers. On the one hand, the term « solidarity franchise » is to be understood in the sense that CAMNAFAW helps partners possessing health infrastructure to gain capacity, provides inputs at no cost or at preferential rate, and offers its name as a pledge of quality for the services it provides. On the other hand, the association imposes on its franchised partners the adoption of its values, methods, and the use of its social fee schedule. In 2016, this project became a program whose objective was to quickly reach 150 franchised partners.