The Guidelines for Using SBS are designed to facilitate the assessment process for first time. The Guidelines are made up of  8 sections, edited in a single document.

  1. Overview of SBS
  2. Main features of SBS
    • SBS ID Card
    • SBS questionnaire, structured around 7Ps
    • SBS financial appendix 
  3. Conditions of use, preparation, and presentation of results
  4. FAQ based on field testing
  5. Interview guide, with key documents to verify and questions by stakeholder group
  6. Template for summary report
  7. Template for action planning
  8. Guidelines for organizing focus group discussions.


Download the full Guidelines

Or download only the sections you want:

  1. FAQ - find answers to the most common questions related to SBS
  2. Interview guide - invaluable for preparing interviews, and makes sure you get the information you need
  3. Focus group guidelines - step-by-step advice for organizing group discussions with employees or beneficiaries.
  4. Summary report template - make sure you don't miss any key elements in your analysis.
  5. Action plan template - leverage results to improve practices