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  • Name: ETD
  • Country: Togo
  • Year operations began: 2003
  • Legal status : Association
  • Sector: Agriculture, agri-food, decentralization
  • Mission: Contribute to the economic and social development of the populations living in rural areas, by valuing the local natural and human resources while protecting the environment
  • Target group : farmers and local authorities, rural populations
  • Share ownership: 5 people including a woman

ETD is a leading player in the Togolese development landscape. It operates mostly in the reinforcment of local skills and decentralization. Its main product is the ESOP, an intermediate company which structures organizations of small producers. The ESOP collects, transforms and markets local productions, mainly aimed at a national public with a purchasing power, by insuring a fair allocation of the added value among the whole value chain.

When it comes to thinking about the development of ESOPs in public limited companies, ETD builds its reflection on the respective weight of the shareholders within a limited company (ETD, producers, employees, private partners). It is useful for ETD to have a relatively high weight in the ESOPs as a partner, as it is essential to make sure that this role of trusted third party can guarantee fairness in the relations between the ESOP and the producers. This security allows the producers and employees to really appropriate the ESOP project.