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  • Name: Le Relais – Madagascar
  • Country: Madagascar - Fianarantsoa
  • Year operations began: 2008
  • Vision: RM’s vision is to promote an economy that serves people instead of placing people at the service of the economy
  • Sectors: agriculture, manufactured products and hostelling
  • Activities: Used-clothes sorting and garment manufacturing; building cars; urban waste collection and composting; harvesting, husking and marketing of quality rice; hotels
  • Project initiator: Le Relais France
  • Workforce: 356 people as of december 2014


Specificities of LE RELAIS Madagascar (RM)

RM sorts 4200 metric tons of textiles per year. The profits earned helps finance the launch of other activities, including garment manufacturing, car building, rice, waste treatment and a hotel business.


RM’s reason for participating in the Social Business audit was to get an outside view of the company’s practices vis-à-vis its social and economic purpose. The company works on many projects, and there is still not much formalisation. In that respect, the audit will bolster the internal review process.

It turned out that it would be useful to conduct regular reviews to observe the effect of management changes on the different criteria and indicators.

The assessment of RM practices and results led to a set of recommendations for improvement.