• Name: Nafa Naana
  • Country: Burkina Faso
  • Year operations began: 2010
  • Sector: Access to household energy
  • Activity: Distribution of energy products through a network of small franchised microenterprises
  • Project initiator: Entrepreneurs du Monde
  • Workforce: 17
  • Status: Simplified joint stock company starting in June 2015


The social business Nafa Naana (“the benefit has come”) gives Burkinabe families (especially the poorest) access to economic goods that improve living conditions and contribute to reduce massive deforestation: gas cookers, improved cookstoves, solar lamps, and the like. The team relies on a network of franchised retailers that it created and on partnerships with associations, women’s groups, etc.



The Scorecard identified Nafa Naana as an organisation with a strong social profile, although the “profits” dimension was not really assessed.

Plans have been made to do another Social Business Scorecard audit one year after the first one, after the company has been created. It will be of interest then to observe the organisational progress in comparison with the initial rating, and to set up a detailed action plan to improve its social performance.

Entrepreneurs du Monde and Nafa Naana both decided to do the audit once a year to monitor the evolution of the social business and safeguard its social mission.