All pictures credit © Zen Design  

All pictures credit © Zen Design

Name:  Nutri’Zaza

Country: Madagascar

Year operations began: 2013

Sector: Child nutrition

Activity: Malnutrition prevention

Project initiator: GRET NGO, in 2002

Workforce: 85, including 64 field employees

Share ownership: multiple, including one association, a manufacturer and two investment funds

Specificity of Nutri'Zaza :

Nutri’Zaza is a social business, the goal of which is to sustainably combat chronic child malnutrition in Madagascar. It was formerly a project called Nutrimad, supported by GRET, a French NGO. Nutri’Zaza distributes a food supplement called KobaAina to disadvantaged populations through a network of restaurants for babies (hotelin’jazakely) and a home sale network, using Nutri’Zaza field employees, so called “ Animatrices Nutri’Zaza“.

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Nutri’Zaza became a social business in 2013. It was formerly a social project developed by GRET. When it changed its status, private investors (I&P, SIDI, APEM) and a manufacturer (TAF) took over.

It is of particular interest to understand how the change from a project to corporate status affected the company’s internal administration, and how Nutri’Zaza manages to reconcile its social goals with its new financial goals.

It is because of all those aspects that Nutri’Zaza has a profile that is especially well-suited for the Social Business Scorecard (SBS) audit.