Name: Palmis Enèji
Acronym: PE
Country of  operations: Haiti
Year operations began: 2013
Social objectives: Promote access for all to clean, inexpensive state-of-the-art energy
Sector: Access to indigenous energy sources
Activity: Distribution of energy products through a network of small franchised microenterprises
Project initiator: Entrepreneurs du Monde
Status: PLC (in process)
Board: Entrepreneurs du Monde, Grameen Crédit Agricole, Yunus Social Business Foundation Haiti.

General considerations regarding PALMIS Enèji

There are some specific aspects to PE’s case that could contribute a fresh perspective within the framework of the social audit tool: like many developing future social businesses, PE grew out of an NGO programme and is just being established; it benefits from a partnership with a large company, enabling it to test the tool’s optional dimension; and its financial structure as a public limited company is complex enough that the list of criteria and practices can be used to evaluate profits and return on investment.



Palmis Enèji (PE) wanted to assess its practices to identify concrete actions that would help the organization achieve its social goals.

A review of practices and the indicators in the SBS social audit tool can help a startup enterprise like PE to formulate its social strategy and organize its activities and procedures. The tool’s comprehensive framework enables a better understanding of the organization’s social performance drivers.

Using the Scorecard highlighted some of PALMIS Enèji strengths but the assessment also revealed some weaknesses.
Following this exercise, a set of recommendations was established.