Empowering mission-driven organisations to track their contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Organizations that contributed to this work

Organizations that contributed to this work

Collaborative work involving some fifteen actors from the sector

In 2017, members of the CERISE Social Business Working Group expressed a desire to work on a methodology to evaluate the contribution of social businesses to the SDGs. The result of this unique collaborative work is online since August 2018, thanks to the support of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Alignment with standards and latest work in the impact investing sector

CERISE started out by compiling more than 900 indicators related to the 169 SDG Targets and from the most recent work on impact measurement coming from the private sector - Global Compact, UNPRI, GIIN, initiative of the Dutch institutional investors, SPTF, HIPSO, CSAF, etc. After several iterations, we came up with a list of about 160 indicators, half of which came from the IRIS Catalog. The indicators cover 66 Targets that are relevant to the operations of social enterprises. This is the only framework to measure SBs achievements at the level of the SDG Targets.

Indicators that translate the double bottom-line

This first version focuses on output indicators that reflect the specificity of mission-driven enterprises: the simultaneous pursuit of their social mission and financial performance. The indicators allow social enterprises to assess to what extent they are meeting their social mission. Many indicators are also relevant for conducting market research and for monitoring of beneficiary satisfaction. Short-term "outcome" indicators are also proposed.

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